Review Policy

Are you an author, publisher or distributor looking for reviews for your book or product? I'd be happy to review for you. As an author, however, I can't say I feel brave enough to post negative reviews for fear of backlash in reviews against my own published work from disgruntled and immature authors, so at this time I will only be posting positive reviews.

Does this mean that I will give every book a positive review? No. It means that I won't post a review of your book unless I liked it. If I dislike a book for any reason or if I am unable to get through it, I will not leave a review, but I would be more than happy to give you personal feedback on what I think of the book. On the plus side, you don't need to worry about negative reviews from me.

Please request a review before sending a copy. You may send either a hard copy or a copy in MOBI format. I require a coupon for a free copy from Smashwords in order to leave a review there. I will review both trad published books and indie books.

What I will review: YA, chick lit, romance, paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, historical fiction erotica (I will review erotica on other sites, but not on my blog). I may also review craft books, cook books, parenting books or other books so long as they are not listed under my "what I will not review" section. Please be advised that I practice a natural lifestyle and attachment parenting so please do not send me anything that may go against these ideals as they will be unlikely to be reviewed.

I will also review products if they adhere to the stipulations above. I practice a natural lifestyle. I will not review your non-natural hand lotion or candles that are not 100% natural and lead-free or any other product that I feel may be unhealthy to myself, my family or my readers.

What I will not review: self-help books, textbooks, horror, mystery or crime novels

Where I post reviews:
My Blog

How to Send a Request:
To request a book review, please send and email to amberskyfire(at)yahoo(dot)com. Be sure to include the following:

1. Title and Author Name
2. Genre and synopsis of the book
3. Book length
4. website or blog for you or your book
5. Links on where the book can be purchased.
6. Cover image as a JPEG - 200 pixels wide.

I receive and accept no payment for book reviews. I will, however, accept additional copies or promotional items for giveaways and may choose to give away promotional hard copies that I receive. I will not return any items that have been sent to me for review whether they have been reviewed or not.

I cannot guarantee the time frame for reviews. As of this writing, waiting time is between 4-6 weeks from the time I receive the review copy.