Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review of The Frontiersman's Daughter by Laura Frantz

I really loved this book and it isn't my usual fare. I'm not into really Christian books, but this one caught my eye partly because it was a free read and partly because it was advertised as a romance and I'm a huge romance fan. I'm so glad that I picked it up. It's one of my favorite books so far this year.

The Frontiersman's Daughter is set during the frontier/pioneer days of log cabins and Indian wars. The story has a strong "Little House books" feel to it. It's less a romance or a Christian novel than an anthropologically correct historical fiction with some basis in fact.

The religious nature of the book was no more than you would expect for the time period and the romance, while prevalent, was so incredibly mild as to seem merely hoped for and almost not quite existent. While this may sound like it's not your cup of tea, I highly recommend giving it a try. There are no sultry or sexy scenes, nothing more than a few kisses and the romance is sweet with a pure feel. The book had so little romance in it, I'm not quite sure I'd even call it a romance until the very end, but it was still wonderful.

If you're a fan of the Little House books or if you like detailed historical novels on how people lived in past times, give this one a go. You won't be disappointed. I'll definitely be reading this one again.

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