Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: Blind Sided by Cheryl Leigh

I wanted to take a moment to review Blind Sided by Cheryl Leigh, an LDS romance I recently purchased for Kindle. While I'm not Mormon, I still really enjoyed the story. You can download the book now for only 99 cents!

Delightfully well-written for a self-pub novel (almost all of which tend to disappoint me), Blind Sided has a little bit of everything including humor, drama and, of course, plenty of romance.

Jenna Rainey loses her mother and her eyesight when a drunk driver plows into their car. Blinded and broken-hearted, she learns to live and love again with friends and family as she heals. Along the way, she meets Rick Bentley, a professional swimmer. Jenna couldn't be less interested, but Rick has had his eye on her for a while and her sour attitude isn't quite enough to throw him off. Though their romance has a rocky start, Jenna and Rick discover the importance of forgiveness and love.

I found Blind Sided to be a nice, comfortable read and really enjoyed the good, clean romance. If you're trying to avoid romance novels that sell themselves with sex, I recommend it. I had a hard time putting it down. Jenna and Rick's sweet romance was a refreshing change from stories with characters that were hung up on a physical relationship. The storyline has plenty of variety to keep the reader's interest. The characters were both lovable and memorable and I found myself consistently surprised by the unpredictable nature of the story.

Blind Sided read like a mini series with ups and downs, smaller stories within the larger story and sub-plots that will keep you entertained even if you are like me and don't have long stretches of time in which to read. If you're from the South like I am, there will be some laugh-out-loud moments. Well worth it, especially at this awesome price!

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  1. Hi Amber, this sounds like a wonderful read. Thanks for stopping by, I am following and hope to see some wonderful things from you. :)